Introducing Dr. Akop Nazaretyan

Big History Forecaster
Director of the Eurasian Center for Big History and System Forecasting.

The Mid-21st Puzzle: On the Cosmic Perspective of Mind

A series of independent calculations undertaken by various authors show that nature, and then human society, have been developing in accordance with general vectors, and that this development has been successively accelerating for billions of years: the time between phase transitions in biospheric, pre-social and social evolution have been decreasing in a logarithmic fashion. Having extrapolated the hyperbolic curve, the researchers found that the speed of global transformations will reach infinity, and that the interval between the phase transitions will reach zero by the middle of the 21st century.

Does this imply that an unprecedented turning point in the development of humanity, the biosphere and perhaps the cosmos is expected in the observable future? What alternative scenarios are there? Is an irreversible collapse or a crucial change of vectors to be expected? How might the prospects of world civilization depend on our thoughts and activities?

I argue that after having become a planetary factor, intellectual activity is apt to become a factor of cosmological significance. What might become a decisive obstacle to such developments are not the limits of the mind’s ability to control mass and energy, but its suicidal inability to cope with its own growing power. The new perspective in worldviews and the meanings of life are discussed, which could promote an effective breakthrough for planetary civilization, and minimize potential menaces to its viability.


Akop P. Nazaretyan is Senior Research Fellow of the Oriental Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences and Full Professor in Moscow State University, Editor of the academic journal ‘Historical Psychology & Sociology’.

He is the author of over 300 scholarly publications, including books: ‘Intelligence in the Universe: sources, formation and perspectives’ (1991, in Russian); ‘Aggression, Morals and the Crises in World Cultural Development (1995, 1996, in Russian); ‘Aggressive Crowds, Mass Panic, and Rumors. Lectures in Social and Political Psychology ‘(2001, 2003, 2005, in Russian); Civilization Crises within the Context of Big History. Self-Organization, Psychology, and Forecasts (2001, 2004, in Russian); ‘Anthropology of Violence and Culture of Self-Organization. Essays on evolutionary historical psychology’ (2007, 2008, in Russian); ‘Evolution of Non-Violence: Studies in Big History, self-organization and historical psychology’ (2010, in English).


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