JUNE 19, 2013

At the Global Future 2045 conference (GF2045) in New York City on June 15-16, 2013, emcee Philippe van Nedervelde said, “It used to be that the only sure things are death and taxes. Soon, it will just be taxes. And if we get to live and prosper forever, perhaps even taxes will one day go the way of the Dodo too.”


His statement was met with laughter. Who wants to live forever? The attendees of the GF2045 do, and these neuroscientists, neuroengineers, and futurists are dedicating their considerable resources to everlasting life.


But no one is more dedicated than Dmitry Itskov, the Russian entrepreneur who founded GF2045, as well as a public science project dedicated to exceeding the natural lifetime warranty of the body…then replacing the need for a body altogether.


Russian Mogul to 'Forbes' Billionaires: Limitless Lifespans Can Be Yours Katie Drummond Contributor I met with Itskov after the event and spoke with him about immortality—and his considerable resources.


The New York Times writes that he has spent $3 million on this project and ”he is ready to spend much more.” Itskov, who became a multimillionaire after the success of his start-up, New Media Stars, declined to give specifics about his finances.


But he’s quick to acknowledge its importance: “Money is a kind of energy. This energy can help to transform your vision into something real, something you can touch. I understand that money is essential. But in parallel, there is the energy of the idea. It can unite more than the richest people in this world,” he said.


His particular idea is a four-part attack against death, known as the Avatar Project. Avatar A will be achieved with the creation of a robot that can be controlled by our brains; Avatar B will be achieved when a brain can be transplanted to a synthetic body; Avatar C will be achieved after the contents of a person’s brain can be uploaded into a synthetic one. The project will end with the completion of Avatar D—the creation of a hologram that will replace bodies completely. (Itskov hopes to achieve this last milestone by 2045.)


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